Programme Review Days in Brusselles, from the 19th to 21st of November 2019                

The INLINE Project was presented during the Programme Review Days in Bruselles with a presentation and also with a poster.

Final Meeting in Wels, Austria for the final presentation at the 27th of November 2019

The final Meeting in Wels was set up as the Demonstration #3 in the Project. The newly developed components were shown and also the new developed manufacturing processes. Assembly times have been recorded and data has been collected.

Smart Camera Sensor
Group photo of the meeting
New semiautomatic end-of-line test chamber.
Redesigned Media Supply Unit in comparison with the original design

M30 Meeting in Brescia, Italy from the 10th to 11th of July 2019

From 10th to 11th of July the M30 Meeting with all Partners took place in Brescia, Italy. Prior from 8th to 9th of July an Evaluation of the endoscope sensor in OMB’s production Environment took place. The results were good and were presented to interested colleagues from Quality department and Management. During theses two days the last six months of the Project were discussed. An overview of the Status of the single Workpackages was given. The last Demonstration in Wels in November was planned in Detail and the upcoming TODO’s were scheduled.

Attendance at the CONTROL fair in Stuttgart 7th to 10th of May 2019

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M24 Meeting in Steyr, Austria on the 16th to 17th of January 2018

The M24 Meeting took place at PROFACTOR GmbH in Steyr, Austria. During the Meeting the presentations of the current Project Progress were shown by each partner. Partners ElringKlinger and OMB brought 10 Samples each of the newly designed system components (Media Supply Unit and tank valve). A tour through the laboratory site of PROFACTOR was also provided. The second day of the Meeting was filled with planning for the last Project year, with the main focus on the Demonstration #3 in November 2019.

Group foto of the Meeting:

Programme Review Days 14th – 16th of November 2018, Brusselles

Mathias Griesbaum (Fronius) and Daniela Kirchberger (Profactor) attended the Programme Review Days of the FCH JU in Brusselles. The project INLINE was presented during the poster presentation session. Besides the presentations of the many different Projects funded by the FCH JU, time was used for Networking and discussions with new potential Partners.


Review Meeting in Wels, Austria scheduled on the 2018-10-18

On the 18th of October 2018 the Midterm Review Meeting of the Project took place. The Project officer and two reviewers came to Wels to Review the Project Progress. Therefor the consortium prepared presentations per workpackage as well as hardware demonstrators, videos and posters to show the amount of work that has been carried out the last 18 months.

Groupfoto of the Review Meeting:

2018-10-03: Preparation of Demonstrations for Review Meeting has started:

2018-06-27/28 M18 Meeting in Dettingen, Germany

In June 2018 the M18 Meeting for Project INLINE took place at Partner Elring Klinger in Germany. During the Meeting the Project Progress was discussed. The Budget and personel hours from the first period were presented, also the Input for the Periodic Report was discussed. A part of the Meeting was reserved for the prepartion of the Agenda and Content for the Review Meeting, which is upcoming in October 2018 at Partner Fronius. After the first Meeting day, the Project Partners were invited to visit the production site of Elring Klinger. Below you find a Group Foto of the Meeting.

2018-01-18/19  M12  Meeting in Karlsruhe, Germany

In January 2018 the M12 Meeting for project INLINE took place at partner KIT wbk in Germany. During the two days event the project progress was presented. The preparation for the upcoming Review Meeting of the project scheduled this year has started. After the first meeting day, the project partners got the oppurtunity to visit the laboratories of KIT. In the afternoon of the second day an exploitation strategy Seminar took place. The upcoming tasks for the next months were discussed and agreed. Below you find a groupfoto of the participants of the Meeting.

 2017-07-6/7 M6 Meeting in Brescia, Italy

In July 2017 the M6 meeting for project Inline took place at partner OMB Saleri. During the two day event, the progress and the results of the first six months were presented and discussed. The project partners also got the opportunity to visit the production site at OMB. The upcoming tasks for the next months were discussed and agreed. Below you find a groupfoto of the participants of the Meeting.

2017-02-16/17 Kick-off Meeting in Wels, Austria

In February 2017 the Kick-Off Meeting for Project INLINE took place at Partner Fronius in Wels. Representatives from the complete consortium were present and discussed key aspects and details of activities within the project. Thanks to everybody for the fruitful discussions during the two-day meeting! Below you find a groupfoto of the participants of the meeting.