Project Details

Technical Components:

The HyLOG Fleet

The Fronius HyLOG-Fleet (Hydrogen powered Logistic System) is a hydrogen fuel cell System for industrial trucks. The fuel cell is placed where usually the battery in intralogistics vehicles is situated and it serves as a reliable Provider of Energy. The power provided ranges from 1,5 KW to 2,5 KW with a refueling time of less than 2 minutes. For more technical Details use the following link:!/searchconfig/%7B%22searchword%22%3A%22hylog%22%2C%22dateStart%22%3Anull%2C%22dateEnd%22%3Anull%2C%22countryPath%22%3A%22%2Fsitecore%2Fcontent%2FHome%22%2C%22language%22%3A%22de%22%2C%22token%22%3A%22bplpu31zdcyykit39jforxd5%22%7D/tabs/searchresult-perfectcharging

The tank valve

The OMB HTV  is an integrated tank valve that incorporates the main functions of management and regulation of the high pressure hydrogen storage system. The solenoid opens the flow of hydrogen to the fuel cell while the integrated pressure regulator lowers the pressure to make the hydrogen available for the use with the fuel cell. An integrated  TPRD device, a flow limiter and a manual safety ventilation system assure the safety and the possibility of maintenance of the entire high pressure storage system.

The Media Supply Unit (MSU)

The media supply unit represents an interface between the ElringKlinger PEM fuel cell stack and a generic fuel cell system. The module is manufactutured out of economical plastic parts and integrated on the anode side of the PEM fuel cell stack. The development within the INLINE Project aims to improve manufacturability, production efficiency (scrap rate) and manufacturing costs to achieve serial production requirements. These targets will be reached through the integration of a variety of functions within a very imited space by using the internal Know-How regarding engineering, operation and manufacturing.

For more information visit the ElringKlinger Homepage:

The Partners:

PROFACTOR is an applied research company with headquarters in Steyr and Vienna. The company conducts applied production research in the field of industrial assistive systems and additive micro/nano manufacturing.

Role in the Project:

Profactor is one the one Hand the coordinator of the Project, but develops also the assisted assembly System and an improvement in the end of line test for the manufacturing of the HyLOG Fleet of Fronius. Additionally an inline Quality Control Sensor is  developed by Profactor for the inspection of the tank valves of Partner OMB.

As the global technology leader, Fronius concentrate their skills in three Business Units: Perfect Charging, Perfect Welding and Solar Energy. These three Business Units unite around a single passion: delivering innovation after innovation to shift the limits of what’s possible. Whether in welding technology, photovoltaics or battery charging technology – each one of the Business Units stands for ground-breaking developments that astound users the world over through their efficiency and unbeatable quality.

Role in the Project:

Fronius is the owner of the product Hylog Fleet (PEMFC) for the powering of material handling forklifters. The enhancement of the production of this product up to 50.000 Units/year is one big part of this Project. Fronius provides not only the compentens of the product for Elaboration and development, but also builts up the new designed production line at their production site in Thalheim by Wels, Austria.

As an automotive supplier, ElringKlinger has become a trusted partner to its customers – with a firm commitment to shaping the future of mobility. Be it optimized combustion engines, high-performance hybrids, or environmentally-friendly battery and fuel cell technology, ElringKlinger provides innovative solutions for all types of drive systems. ElringKlinger’s lightweighting concepts help to reduce the overall weight of vehicles. As a result, vehicles powered by combustion engines consume less fuel and emit less CO2, while those equipped with alternative propulsion systems benefit from an extended range.

Role in the Project:

Elring Klinger develops during the Project Duration a new design for the Media Supply Unit (MSU) for an easier assembly of this component into the Fuel Cell System of Fronius. Additionally the manufacturing of the MSU will be improved to shorten cycle times but at the same time enhance Quality of the product.

OMB Saleri S.p.A. was created in 1980 and began its activities as a producer of small metal parts and ball valves for residential gas and water applications. The experience acquired in the fields of gas safety and high pressure applications has allowed OMB Saleri S.p.A., during the following years to expand its production range to the automotive alternative fuels field with the production, since 2001, of CNG and LPG multivalves.

Role in the Project:

OMB will improve its production process of the tank valve for the HyLOG Fleet of Partner Fronius, with respect to the manufacutrability and Quality of the tank valve. The improvement will also shorten cycle times, reduce costs and enhance the production rate of the valves.

The wbk (Institute of Production Science) of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) with almost 100 employees is one of the largest institutes within the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Besides the research activities in the conventional areas of mechanical and plant engineering, wbk puts emphasis on developing production science for enabling technologies such as energy engineering, electric mobility and lightweight systems. On the one hand, the institute analyses how conventional production technologies and systems can be applied to new materials and on the other hand, it conducts research in up-scaling manufacturing processes and designing future factories and their networks.

Role in the Project:

KIT wbk provides not only Simulation of the production processes at all industrial Partners (Fronius, OMB, ElringKlinger) at the beginning of the Project, but develops and analyses the production process concerning bottlenecks, Quality issues and production time. The new developed processes and components will be included in the Simulation of the new production process of all industrial Partners. Additionally KIT wbk will develop a optical sensoric System (SmartCamera) for the assistance in component assembly for the HyLOG Fleet.